Art 238 Work Exhibited in Nobel

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“Between our birth and our death we may touch understanding. As a moth brushes a window with its wings” – Christopher Fry


Art 238 developed intaglio prints using the Biology department’s Entomology collection as inspiration for the subject matter. Each student had the choice to work objectively from observation or more conceptually from the moth and butterfly’s relationship to mythology and/or cultural history. Intaglio prints are created by using Ferric Chloride (a corrosive salt) to “bite” or etch into a copper plate. The recessed areas of the plate are then carded with ink, and the plate is sent through a press to create a mirror image unto a piece of paper.

Student participants (from the top left) Amy Vang, Emily Leslie,  Elizabeth Spaulding, Amy Harvey, Sarah Thielman, Adam Larson, Ian Stitt, Eric Prouty, and Jennifer Steffen


As a class, we would like to thank the generosity of Margaret Bloch-Qazi for opening up the collection to us!


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